Khuda Kasam 2010

3.2 /10
376 Reviews

Delhi-based CBI Captain Neetu Singh is instructed by Chief Sawant to investigate the assassination of Maharashtra’s Chief Minister Satyaprakash. Her investigations will lead her to conclude that the killing was planned and carried out by Home Minister Bhavani Prasad Lala and Superintendent of Police Waghmare. She then meets with Fatima, and is told the story of the latter’s son, Hussain, who was convicted for possession and supply of fire-arms and sentenced to five years in prison. She meets Hussain in prison and decides to assist him, but before she could do that she and her mother, Shanti, both end up on the defensive, when evidence surfaces that Neetu had hired a hit-man, Tatya, to kill Satyaprakash. The Judge hearing this incident finds her guilty and sentences her to prison.






K.C. Bokadia


Sunny Deol;Tabu;Beena Banerjee


Action Drama

Release Date:


Run Time:

160 min

Plot Keywords:

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