Preetam 1971

7.4 /10
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Rukmani gets married to Rana and faces endless abuse and beatings which do not end even when she gets pregnant. The Police arrest Rana for Robbery, try him in Court and sentence him to several years in prison, leaving Rukmani alone to give birth to a boy named Preetam, entrust him to the care of her brother, Thakur, and his wife, and passes away. The Thakurs undertake to look after Preetam as their own even after they become parents of a boy, Anil. Rana breaks out of prison and confronts Thakur, who tells him that both his wife and son are dead. When Rana demands 25000 Rupees, Mrs. Thakur summons the police, who arrive, arrest him, and take him back to complete his sentence. Years later Preetam and Anil have grown up like brothers. Preetam's marriage is being finalized with Sharan, the daughter of Rukmani and Judge B.N. Sinha, while Anil wants to get married to his sweetheart, Sarita. The engagement of the couples takes place, and shortly thereafter the Thakurs gets the news that Anil has been killed in an automobile accident. Sarita comes forward and admits that she is pregnant with Anil's child, forcing the Thakurs to compel Preetam to get married to Sarita in order to protect the family's name. What Preetam and the Thakurs do not know is that Sarita is not really pregnant, in fact, she is not who she claims to be, but is a close associate of Rana, who is now out of prison, and is hellbent to destroy the Thakur family once and for all. Watch how Sarita sets about to fulfill her agenda which is set amidst hilarious antics of Safachat and his attempts to wed Gauri.






Sijo Rocky


Shammi Kapoor;Leena Chandavarkar;Vinod Khanna;Helen;Mehmood;Raj Mehra;Sulochana Latkar;Ramayan Tiwari;Anwar Hussain;Manmohan;Malika;Vasant Mahajan;Birbal;Kumari Naaz;Dhumal;Brahm Bhardwaj;Urmila Bhatt;Raj Kishore;Ravikant as;Moolchand as Train Guard


Comedy Romance

Release Date:


Run Time:

132 min

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