Pandu 2022

7 /10
541 Reviews

Pandu and Mhadu are small-time stand-up comedians in small village of Maharashtra who catch the eye of powerful politician Babasaheb Pathare who has always been the target of rival parties. Babasaheb gets inspired by Pandu and Mhadu’s performance as they are in need of job he offers them job in Mumbai police force after their parts as cops in the skit. They both clear their training and join the police force as Pandu Hawaldar and Mhadu Hawaldar where Mhadu becomes a corrupt cop taking bribes from people. But Pandu is an honest cop and gets famous after he arrests back-to-back criminals. Pandu meets Usha Keliwali a beautiful woman and both get married with blessings of their family and Babasaheb. But things don’t seem to be how it looks as whatever is happening in Pandu’s life has been pre-planned by someone who wants to eliminate Babasaheb by making Pandu a scapegoat as he is his trusted aide.






Viju Mane


Bhalchandra Kadam;Kushal Badrike;Sonalee Kulkarni;Pravin Tarde;Prajakta Mali;Sachin Goswami;Shahbaz Khan;Anand Ingale;Hemangi Kavi;Savita Malpekar;Uday Sabnis;Sandy


Comedy Drama Action

Release Date:


Run Time:

112 min

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