Lions for Lambs 2007

6.022 /10
130 Reviews

Lions for Lambs weaves together three storylines that highlight different aspects of the war on terror. The first storyline follows a university professor (played by Redford) who engages in a compelling discussion with a promising student (played by Andrew Garfield) about the importance of activism and making a difference. The second storyline revolves around two soldiers (played by Tom Cruise and Michael Peña) trapped in a dangerous situation in Afghanistan, showcasing the sacrifices and challenges faced by those on the front lines. The third storyline focuses on a seasoned journalist (played by Meryl Streep) interviewing a charismatic senator (played by Cruise) with a controversial military strategy. The film benefits from the engaging performances of the talented cast, who bring depth and authenticity to their respective roles.


United States of America




Robert Redford


Robert Redford;Meryl Streep;Tom Cruise;Michael Peña;Andrew Garfield;Derek Luke;Peter Berg;Kevin Dunn

Release Date:


Run Time:

92 min

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