War Chod Na Yaar 2013

7.5 /10
124 Reviews

War Chod Na Yaar is set against the backdrop of the India-Pakistan border and revolves around the lives of soldiers from both sides. It explores the absurdities and contradictions of war as it follows the interactions between Indian and Pakistani soldiers stationed in the region. The movie attempts to balance comedy with social commentary, highlighting the futility and human cost of war while employing humor to drive its message home. However, the execution of the film leaves much to be desired.






Faraz Haider


Sharman Joshi;Soha Ali Khan;Javed Jaffrey;Dalip Tahil;Mukul Dev;Sanjay Mishra;Ram Awana;Vivek Rana;Avantika Khatri;Manoj Pahwa;Badrul Islam


Comedy War

Release Date:


Run Time:

113 min

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