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4.8 /10
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This is a story about two strangers coming together. Two very different individuals connect via a match making app and the result would have been quite predictable but these two are not what we see them as. Our handsome dude, Pat, is a stylish young man with an old world charm and our girl, Zara, is a mild mannered, classy lass with lots of oomph. The setup is perfect and their first meeting kicks off on an exciting note, but as things start to heat up something unexpected and eerie happens. What follows is a series of events with a lot of fireworks. This short film promises to excite you and make you laugh. It’s a hook-up story with a twist.






Siddharth Sikka


Charlie Chauhan;Gaurav Pandey;Bablesh Mishra


Short Comedy Drama

Release Date:


Run Time:

16 min

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