Last Film Show 2022

7.5 /10
137 Reviews

The film revolves around a curious and imaginative young boy named Samay, portrayed by a talented young actor. Living in a remote village, Samay's world revolves around his love for cinema. When a traveling cinema projectionist arrives in the village, Samay's life is forever changed. As he embarks on a transformative journey through the movies he watches, Samay discovers the power of storytelling, the beauty of human emotions, and the bittersweet reality of life. 'Last Film Show' beautifully captures the innocence and wonder of childhood, weaving a poignant narrative that will resonate with audiences of all ages.






Pan Nalin


Bhavin Rabari;Bhavesh Shrimali;Richa Meena;Dipen Raval;Paresh Mehta;Vikas Bata;Rahul Koli;Shoban Makwa;Kishan Parmar;Vijay Mer;Alpesh Tank;Tia Sebastien;Jasmin Joshi



Release Date:


Run Time:

110 min

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