Barbie: Mermaid Power 2022

6.9 /10
226 Reviews

Join Barbie “Brooklyn” Roberts, Barbie “Malibu” Roberts, and her sisters Skipper, Stacie, and Chelsea on an underwater adventure as they transform into mermaids to help save the world of Pacifica! In Barbie Mermaid Power™, Barbie and Barbie are summoned by Isla (from Dolphin Magic) to compete to be the underwater Power Keeper in a series of challenges designed to find their inner powers. Through these competitions, they discover whether they are mermaids of Earth, Air, Water, or Fire, all while making new animal and mermaid friends. In this fish-tale of friendship, adventure, and bravery, Barbie, Barbie, and family experience first-hand what it’s like to balance the worlds above and below the sea and learn a lesson in finding their inner powers along the way.


United States of America




Ron Myrick


Joshua Blumhagen;Johnny Yong Bosch;Julia Bose



Release Date:


Run Time:

64 min

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